Sunday, 13 April 2014

A dialogue between two friends about email

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two friends about email

Abid: What is meant by e-mail?
Babar: Obviously, electronic mail.
A: Because you know, it is obvious, otherwise, it is not that obvious.
B: O.K. whatever the case is.
A: People go on sending and receiving e-mails: what's all that?
B: It means, you really don't know.
A: No, l have slight idea.
B: What do you want from me?
A: l want to know whether it is sort of letter or what?
B: Yes, you can say, it's a modern way of writing a letter.
A: Just like letter, you can write in detail?
B: Sure you can, but usually it is brief.
A: Brief like what.
B: It depends, some five six lines.
A: Actually, l have no sense of computer.
B: Doesn't matter. l will guide you.
A: l have got a computer. l bought sometime ago.
B: That's very nice.
A: Could you spare some time?
B: Sure, sure, why not.
A: What are the advantages of e-mail?
B: There are so many.
A: For example?
B: It doesn't take that much time.
A: What else?
B: Whether a person is in the country or abroad, you can come in touch with him within seconds.
A: Anything that you have to pay for it.
B: Almost nothing.
A: What's the very basic requirement of it?
B: You must have 'net facility.'

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