Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A dialogue between two friends about information technology

  Dialogue Writing


A dialogue between two friends about information technology

Sumbal: People say, it is the age of It.
Liza: Yes, it is.
S: What is your opinion?
L: Haven't I given.
S: Yes, in a way.
L: Don't be that ambiguous.
S: Am I?
L: Have you some sense of It?
S: Not that much.
L: What about the scope of It in our country?
S: I am no expert.
L: Just comment.
S: I don't want to.
L: Then, why did you start the topic?
S: It means, I will have to comment.
L: Yes, you will have to.
S: See, nowadays, most of the jobs are of the same sort.
L: Of what sort?
S: I mean, It is required almost everywhere.
L: Yes, no doubt.
S: What to talk of others. My hubby, two brothers, three sisters are doing computer related jobs.
L: No one of my family, but generally speaking it is so.
S: How do you compare Pakistan and India?
L: Though it must not be so, but there is a hell of difference.
S: It means, we are lagging behind.
L: You know better, but I think we are.
S: Isn't it a tragedy?
L: Yes, in a way, it is.
S: We should hope for the best.
L: Yes, we should hope, but we should make our best effort too.
S: Actually, I had to reach somewhere, so bye.
L: I have also a job, bye.

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