Sunday, 27 April 2014

A dialogue between two friends about power

A dialogue between two friends about  power

Akram: People say, power drives one mad.
Barkat: Yes, I have the same feeling.
A: What do you say about the current big power?
B: You mean, America.
A: Obviously, what else can be.
B: America is the biggest criminal.
A: But she always talks of human values.
B: Set aside values, she is an animal.
A: You mean, all Americans are cruel?
B: No way, absolutely not.
A: Then who is the culprit?
B: Its policy makers, people directly or indirectly linked with the Government.
A: How can all of them be insensitive?
B: Whether they are or not, but their policies are such.
A: What about the general public?
B: Some of them might be biased, but most of them are like average human beings.
A: Then, why don't they go against the policies of the Government .
B: They do. There are so many strikes in America too.
A: If there were two powers as before, won't it be better?
B: It's very clear. It keeps the balance.
A: What can be done in the present situation?
B: Everything is possible, if there be unity.
A: Why are we lagging behind?
B: Because we have forgotten everything. Neither are we religious, nor practical.
A: Otherwise, there is just one power.

B: And that's God Almighty.

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