Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A dialogue between two friends about importance of English


A dialogue between two friends about importance of english

Iqbal: Why are almost all of us after English?
Nasir: I don't think, it is so.
I: As a whole, it is perhaps so.
N: In this sense you are right.
I: Do you think, English is very much required in the current age?
N: Yes, it is because it is the most common source of communication.
I: Not only the source rather most of information is in English.
N: Stuff is also available in other languages.
I: That's true, but most of us have absolutely no sense of these languages.
N: Perhaps it is one of the factors that English is so common.
I: What about you? Are you good at English.
N: Not that good, but I have some sense.
I: But I am very poor.
N: If you are willing, I can guide you a bit.
I: Actually, I want to have full hold on it.
N: No one can have full hold.
I: Though I have some sense yet I am very hesitant.
N: Obviously our atmosphere is such that we don't find that much chance for English.
I: This is what the problem is but what to do?
N: You join some English language institute.
I: I am thinking on the sane line.
N: It's is no use going on thinking, better join some.
I: There are two problems one is that of time and the other is that of fee.
N: Everyone has to fact these two problems.
N: Plan somehow and take start.
I: It might take some time but I will.
B: Do at the earliest.

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