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A dialogue between two friends about movies

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two friends about movies
Arsalan: Are you interested in movies?
Basharat: Yes, I am crazy about.
A: What sort of movies do you watch more?
B: It depends on mood.
A: No, I mean, Pakistani, Indian or English.
B: Once again the same, sometimes this, sometimes that.
A: Let's make it simple. You are more interested in Indian movies or Pakistani.
B: Being a Pakistani, I want to watch Pakistani movies, but.................
A: Yes, I am getting you. Isn't it very sad?
B: Yes, it is, most of our, films are imitations.
A: With a few exceptions, the same story is there in every film.
B: Even those stupid films become popular.
A: How do you take it? What's the cause of it?
B: Perhaps, the lack of education.
A: Indian movies too are not that good.
B: Yes, it is so, but, sometimes, there are some good movies too.
A: Some art movies are good, but most of us don't watch them.
B: In addition to the art movies, there are some good ones.
A: At least I have no such experience.
B: Perhaps, you watch fewer Indian movies.
A: Very rarely, I prefer English ones.
B: That's the reason.
A: Some English movies are really heart-rending.
B: Actually, it is their presentation that counts.
A: They splurge money on films.
B: That's the difference.

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