Thursday, 3 April 2014

A dialogue between two friends in a hospital

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two friends in a hospital

Hashmat: What are you doing here?
Ibsham: What can one do in a hospital?
H: I mean, what are you here for?
I: In yesterday's accident my brother was badly injured.
H: Oh! very sad.
I: Yes, it is, but one is helpless before the will of God.
H: Yes, no doubt.
H: How is he now? Is he still in the emergency?
I: Yes, he is still there, but doctors were saying that he would be shifted to the ward, by the evening.
H: It means, he is, now, out of danger.
I: Thank God he is. how did you come?
H: My child has tonsils, problem.
I: Is he going to be operated upon?
H: Yes, doctors say, it is very much required.
I: I have heard, it is a very minor operation.
H: I don't know, whether it is minor or major, but I am a bit upset.
I: Obviously, it is natural. Has the child been admitted in the ward?
H: Yes, he was admitted yesterday.
I: What about the operation?
H: It's not clear. Perhaps, after one day.
I: Rest assured. Everything will become alright.
H: Thanks for consoling.
I: Actually, there is no one to take care of my brother, so........
H: Inshallah, he will recover very soon.
I: We can only pray to God.
H: Yes, l think, we should leave now.
I: Rather, we must.

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