Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A dialogue between two friends on dowry system

  Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two friends on dowry system

Jahangir: What's your opinion about dowry?
Nawaz: Opinion in what sense?
J: It's very plain. Whether it is a blessing or curse?
N: Actually, it was a blessing but in our age it has become a curse.
J: I am not following you.
N: I mean, when it started, its purpose was to help to an extent the newly married couple.
J: Do you know when this thing started?
N: I am not clear about but this was there in the ear of the Holy Prophet.
J: Then, it must be a good thing.
N: It must be rather it is .
J: Then what's wrong with it?
N: The only defect is the way we are following it.
J: Don't you think things change with the passage of time?
N: Yes, they do but it must be a positive change.
J: Change is change whether it is positive or negative.
N: You tell me why people say dowry is a curse?
J: Perhaps because it has lost its very spirit.
N: That's the point.
J: Most of us say that it is a curse but even then.......
N: That's what the tragedy is.
J: It means we have double standards.
N: Sure rather triple.
J: Why do we spend so much money on this?
N: Obviously just to show off.
J: Isn't it injustice with the poor?
N: It's extreme sort of injustice.
J: When I get married. I won't ask for it.
N: I too didn't accept dowry.

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