Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A dialogue between two friends to arrange a programme on mobile phone for an outing

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two friends to arrange a program-me on mobile phone for an outing

Noor: Hello! Yaseen, I am Noor speaking to your on mobile phone.
Yaseen: How are you?
N: I am fine and you?
Y: Al-Humdu-Lillah
N: Do you have some spare time in the last week of July?
Y: Why not. But what is your purpose to ask me about spare time?
N: I was wandering here and there after examination. An idea of visit to Murree came in to my mind and I want your company.
Y: It is good idea to spend our spare time but I have visited Murree many times. Why should we not go to Gilgit?
N: But I cannot stay in Gilgit for more than two weeks. Because my uncle is coming here at the end of this month.
Y: Ok. We will go for two weeks. When will we go?
N: Next Monday would be suitable for this visit.
Y: No. we should go on Sunday.
N: No. I have an urgent piece of work on Sunday.
Y: Can't you do you work before Sunday?
N: Alright, I promise to do it.
Y: O.K.
N: How much money should we take?
Y: We should have twenty thousand Rupee at least.
N: This money may be less.
Y: Do not worry at all. I shall arrange the whole program-me in this money.
N: Goodbye.
Y: Goodbye.

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