Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A dialogue between two labourers

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two labourers
Khadim Hussain: How many kids have you got?
Bhatti: I don't remember. They are ten, twelve.
K: I am asking about your kids.
B: What do you mean? I am talking about yours?
K: No, I am not even married.
B: People say, kids are a blessing of God. I say, they are a curse.
K: Don't talk that way. Actually, when the number is more, the problems are more.
B: I am afraid, I may kill them.
K: After all we are Muslims. We must have trust in God.
B: That's true, but what to do.
K: What's your average monthly income?
B: Two to three thousand. that also depends.
K: I can understand your problem. but can not support you financially.
B: I don't want anyone's help, rather, how can one support others?
K: I do agree with you, but even then, I can help you to an extent.
B: Actually, my youngest daughter is ill, and I haven't got money even to buy medicine.
K: Roughly, you require how much?
B: You know the way the doctors flay.
K: Yes, I know very well. Anyway, how much?
B: Something like two hundred rupees.
K: I can afford this much very easily.
B: It would be your kindness.
K: Have it.
B: Thanks.
K: O.K. I am going somewhere. They need some labourers.
B: I have to go too.

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