Monday, 7 April 2014

A dialogue between two students on village and city life

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two students on village and city life

Akram: Asslam-Alikum, Akram. Why did you not go to village till this time?
Shan: No, I have changed my programmer and do not want to leave comfortable life of the city, when village life is very dull.
A: You have a very bad impression about village life. Why?
S: Yes, I am saying right. The village is a dirty place. Comforts of life are not  available there. Heaps of garbage can be seen everywhere. People and animal live at the same place. They also drink water together at the same dirty pond. Ignorance prevails every where.
A: My friend! You are telling a lie. Although our villages are backward, but not as much as you. Many villages have become modern. Schools for both the sexes and hospitals have been set up in villages. Sanitary system has been improved. Electricity has been provided in almost every village.
S: But the cities have better facilities. Better houses, better means of communication, fast and comfortable vehicles and many other facilities are there. The people of cities live comfortable life.
A: You are talking superficially. There are crowded houses. A large number of people live in small houses which are is injurious to health. Polluted air, dirty streets and stinking drains spread many diseases. The people of cities have no love and sympathy. Cinemas are spoiling our new generation which is against Islam. Where as village life has fresh air, simplicity and love. Villagers are very sincere.
S: Please, do not disturb me. I have no intention to go to village at any time.

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