Sunday, 20 April 2014

A Dream

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A dream

Every person observes dreams. Some dreams are just whim. But some dreams are very interesting and meaningful. I describe such a dream. Last year i fell seriously ill. I suffered from typhoid, which lasted for two months. I was admitted to the hospital. I remained there for full one month. During this time i had an interesting dream. I found myself strolling in a green valley. Suddenly a strange person appeared. He stared at me. He wanted to snatch the money help in my hand. I was frightened and began to run. He chased me to catch me. But i was running so fast that he could not do so. I climbed over a hill and took a path leading to a road. The man was far behind. I arrived at the road and took a sigh of relief. This road led to my home. I reached my home quite safe and sound. I work up and felt satisfied. I told this dream to a wise and aged relative of mine. He told me. it is a very good dream. You escaped from him and reached home safely. It means that you should be recovered soon. So i was recovered soon and came to my home. I took complete rest for a month and was fully recovered. I can never forget this dream.

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