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Accountability in Pakistan

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Accountability in Pakistan

  Corruption and mal-administration have touched the highest peak in every department of government. It is plundering the resources of our country. Pakistan has become the paradise of smugglers. If the same situation goes on, our country might be crumbled and the whole structure of government paralysed. Pakistan was not created by the Quaid-e-Azam for such a tragic end. We have to strictly do away with corruption. It is necessary to have complete accountability in every sphere of life.
The Pakistan Parliament passed the Ehtesab Act in 1997. ''Ehtesab'' or accountability means that no person who holds a high position in any government office or department is above law. He is responsible and punishable for his corruption and misdeeds. We are all answerable to god for what we do in this world. In the same way all the officers and public servants, holding high positions are answerable to their higher authorities i.e. Courts or the Ehtesab Bureau. Even the Governors, Chief Ministers, Ministers, Members of National and Provincial Assemblies are now in the grip of Ehtesab Bureau. There was urgent need for uprooting of corruption and inefficiency from all the departments of the government. The trend of feeling oneself above law was increasing day-by-day among the officers having high powers. An authority for check and balance is quite necessary.
The chairman of the Ehtesab Bureau has been given almost unlimited powers to bring the mis-doers whether it is the President of the State to book. The chairman of the Ehtesab Bureau has been given wide powers for trial of corrupt officers in Ehtesab Courts. If the charges of being guilty are proved, the defaulters may be in government or opposition in the form of imprisonment, heavy fine and confiscation of property.
A sufficient number of government officers up to the rank of Secretary, ex-Ministers, Chief Ministers have been prosecuted and punished by the Ehtesab Bureau and High Courts.
Corruption in Pakistan has a long history. It was spreading like cancer. Every Martial Law Administrator enforced laws to crush corruption among the public servants and politicians, who were dismissed and disqualified.
Now NAB is taking quick and effective steps. Recently many politicians, MPA's, Ministers and even the Chief Minister and the Prime Ministers have been severely dealt with the Ehtesab Courts. Those who were found guilty have been severely punished. They have been imprisoned, heavily find and eliminated from politics for 21 years. There has been much corruption in our election campaigns. Most of the representatives belong to the feudal community. They purchase votes, spend lavishly on their election, when they are elected, they try to compensate their expenses in the elections but even more than that. They get licenses and permits for a profitable business. They import duty-free cars and go to foreign countries for medical treatment of their wives on government expenses. They prove themselves white elephants for the nation. NAB is sure to take action against such frauds. Electoral corruption and mal-practices should be stopped forever.
Much more is needed than the operation of the NAB. Our masses should be educated to make them understand their rights and duties. This should be done on war basis. Moral indoctrination of the whole nation is the need of the time. A campaign should be carried on through electronic and print media.

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