Tuesday, 15 April 2014

All That Glitters is not Gold

  Appearance are often deceptive and things are not what they seem. The world is full of ''goodly apples rotten at the core. ''The proverb, therefore, means that a thing is not to be taken as valuble simply because it has a glittering exterior but we must go behind the surface show of things before we can come to know the reality.
Ours is essentially on Age of Shams. We have sham idols, sham heroes, sham politicians, sham scholars and sham institutions. The result is that sham and shame have been ordained in our destiny. We have put on embellished masks to conceal our true features and ugly faces. We are idol-breakers as well as house-breakers. We are the supporters of democracy as well as the sustainer of hypocrisy. It is a strange world where ''one may smile and smile, and yet be a villain''.
The treacherous enemy assumes politeness and feigns friendship and the scoundrel of the blackest day wears the garb of virtue. The foxy politician, despite the starched, white cotton Shalwar Kameez with black waistcoat look, despite the shiny pajero and the Land Cruizer with a horrible-looking hefty and burly gunman, despite the mobile phone and a Rolex watch, maintains the image of an avaricious buccaneer. The illiterate covers his ignorance by his few flippant phrases and the devil takes the form of a serpent to tempt Eve. The depraved monster hides his ghoulish nature under the cloak of gentlemanliness. ''All are not hunters that blow the horn'', all are not gentlemen that wear the finest clothes. There are shingles, pebbles and boulders scattered on the sea-shore, but every stone is not a gem.
There is a fable of the lion with a golden bangle and a simplition Brahmin. Once a lion was overpowered by weakness and old age. He could not hunt animals for his food and was starving to death. He took a golden bangle, went to a muddy pond nearby and stationed himself in the deep mud. A greedy Brahmin passed that way. The lion held out his golden bangle to him and said with a repentant voice, ''O friend! being remorseful of my sins I committed in the past, I have now begun to lead a saintly life and want to give this bangle in charity to a poor man. The Brahmin's fears were allayed by the lion's show of saintliness and virtue and he went through mud to have the bangle from him. When he approached quite near to him and was stuck in the mud, the lion tore him to pieces and devoured him up.
Goneril and Regan appeared so good, so lovable, so faithful to their father King Lear but he suffered much at their hands. When Duncan paid a visit to Macbeth's castle the king was pleased with the attention and respect paid to him by his honoured hostess, but Lady Macbeth thrusting aside all the obligations of loyalty, hospitality and even of common humanity, hatched a plot in co-host with her husband to get the king murdered. The innocent king did not know that Lady Macbeth was well-versed in the art of concealing the basest treachery and wickedness under smiles and courtesy. Satan took the form of a serpent and tempted Eve. COM us, the dazzling monster, appeared innocent and hospitable to the Lady at first, but tried to exercise the most sinister influence upon the innocent virginity and chastity of the Lady.
All this shows that appearances are not to be trusted. We should not care for the blue eyes and golden curls of a board-blown damsel but for the heart; we should not care for the embellished mausoleum but for the man whose bones lie buried there.

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