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Atomic Energy

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Atomic Energy 

  Atom is the smallest unit of an element. It is a system composed of a charged nucleus and a number of electrons. The electrons travel in orbits about the nucleus. When an atom is broken, it releases tremendous energy. In this way atom has become a source of energy. The discovery of atomic energy is one of the greatest scientific discoveries of the present ages. We may use it for constructive or distractive purposes. If we use it for settlement of disputes, the whole of the mankind will perish as a result. It we are sensible in its use, we may have a better and happier would.
In the World War ll, the first experiment of atom bomb was made by USA. The war was at its end in August 1945. The Allies had defeated Germany. But Japan who was one of the atomic powers did not surrender. Japanese forces that were fighting against the British forces in Burma and Japan wanted to attack India. USA had to make the worst decision of dropping atom bomb on two cities of Japan. Hiroshima was made the target of atom bomb on August 5, 1945 and Nagasaki met the same fate on August 9, 1945. B-29 aircraft dropped bombs. The air flashed a brilliant yellow and there was a huge blast of wind. People were terrified. Everything has been shattered to pieces. The sky had turn blue to black and the black rain started to fall.
The stone walls had been reduced to rubble. Only the concrete and iron skeletons of the buildings remained. The air was full of high radiation. There were fires everywhere. The people were in rags and shreds of skin hung from their bodies. Every place was littered with dead bodies.
Everything had vanished due to the air raid. The trees were bereft of their leaves. The great mountains had changed into bald ones. There were no signs of greenery or vegetation anywhere. It is impossible to describe the horrors and losses of the terrible bomb blast. Even the survivors died within weeks.
After a large-scale destruction of her two cities, Japan surrendered in on time. The whole world protested and condemned this brutal use of atom bomb by the USA. A Japanese writer says, ''Never again should these terrible weapons be used, no matter what happens.''

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