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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Beggary as a Curse

Beggary as a Curse

  Islam has condemned begging anything from others. You will find no beggar in Europe and other advanced countries. What the foreigners would think about our nation when the poor among us extend their hands towards them for taking alms.
The number of beggars is increasing in our country day by day because there is no check upon them. Though begging is prohibited by law, yet the police do not take the beggars to task.
There are numberless beggars in our towns and cities, Railway stations, bus stops, the courts and the shrines are their targets. You will find them at your heels wherever you go. They knock at our doors for begging. The modern beggar rings your door-bell. Women and children are also found in buses and trains. They sing a folk song and then start begging. It has become a popular profession. Most of the beggars are quite well to do persons. They have television and other luxuries in their cottages. There are some persons who hire beggars on monthly pay for begging. There is another kind of beggars who are crippled, blind and disabled. They hand over their day's earning to their hirers. In other words, they work on commission. A majority of beggars is strong and healthy. They can do any manual lab our but they find begging easier and more paying.
Some people disguise as beggars. They are thieves and child lifters. They are always in search of a locked house or a lonely child. They are criminals. They are wolves in lamb's clothing. They are very dangerous for the life and property of citizens.
Beggars know human psychology. They know the weak points of various types of people. The government has tried for many times to ban begging. Still the beggars are there. It means the government in not sincere in this matter. Severe and strict laws should be framed and enforced. Beggars should be arrested and sent to such institutions where they should be bound to work and learn to be a useful member of our society.

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