Friday, 18 April 2014

How I Passed My Last Sunday

How i passed my last sunday

Life has become very busy and mechanic. We really fell bored after working for a week. We want to pass our weekly holiday very joyfully.
Last Sunday, I along with my friends made a programme to spend the whole day at the tomb of Jehangir. It is a good picnic spot.
We packed a big lunch basket. We bought fruit and sweets. Arrangements for conveyance were made by one of my friends whose father placed his car at our disposal. Mr. Khurram knew how to drive a car. We drove to the tomb of Jehangir at about 9 a.m.
It was a pleasant morning. We selected a peaceful corner and spread our carpet there. Then we visited the tomb. It is a master-piece of the Mug Hal architecture. The beauty and delicacy of figure-work impressed us very much. There are four minarets on each corner of the tomb. We had a few photographs of the tomb along with our group photo.
We played a badminton match. Now we were tired. We had our lunch and lay down on the carpet to take rest. Then we played at cards for a short time, listening to the music of the tape recorder. We had tea at 5 p.m. Now it was time to return home. We packed our scattered things. We came back in the evening with the sweet memories of the picnic.

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