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Human Rights

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Human rights

  The right to life, liberty and security of a person is of great importance. Man has always been striving to safeguard these rights.The Greek citizens enjoyed the right to vote about two thousand and seven hundred years ago. They also had the right to property and equality before the law. The women did enjoy the same rights as men. They neither had the right to vote nor could appear in any court of law.
Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) presented the concept of human rights for the first time in history in his last farewell address on the occasion of Hajj. He laid emphasis on the equality of all men and women before God. He declared rights for slaves or servants, wives and the rights of all to enjoy their life, property and money.
The UNO Charter of human rights is repetition of these principles. The Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan contains a chapter on fundamental rights of liberty and equality in all possible forms.
Europe and the rest of the world passed through the experiment of several forms of government i.e., kingship and dictatorship during which human being did not enjoy any rights.
The violation of human rights is common in less developed countries in Asia, Africa and South America. The most painful and shameful violation of human rights has taken place in Kashmir, palestine, Bosnia, and Chechnya and in various countries of Africa.
The Indian Forces have mercilessly killed millions of Muslims in Kashmir who demanded freedom. The Muslims in Palestine have met the same fate at the cruel hands of Israel. The Serbs in the former Yugoslavia have committed acts of the gravest brutality against the Muslims on account of religions differences. Russia has tried to put an end to Muslims community in Chechnya. Dictatorships in Nigeria, Uganda, Ethiopia and Somalis are responsible for massive cruelty and killings.
According to Amnesty International, human rights violations are common in 135 countries of the world. In Pakistan, violation of human rights as regards child lab our in factories, cruelty to women, police torture and imprisonment without proper trial is common. The Commission for Human Rights is a world organization for protection of human rights, having its branches all over the world.
The foremost human right is the right to democratic government because if the people do not have possibility of participation in decision-making, all other rights are adversely affected. Our dream to have a democratic rule and enjoying human rights is still far from coming to life.

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