Thursday, 17 April 2014

My Favourite Visitor

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 My favourite visitor

I have many friends and class-fellows. Some of them are very close to me. Amongst them Mr. Usman is my favourite visitor. He comes to see me on Sunday or any other evening during my leisure hours.
He informs me before his arrival. We sit in the drawing room. I offer cold drink or tea to his according to his taste. Then we chat on different topics. It includes progress of our studies, activities of other class fellows and sports.
Stamp collection is our common hobby. We exchange stamps of foreign countries and show the addition of stamps in our albums.
We take lunch together. Then we sit in the T.V. lounge and watch any latest film.
By that time we are tired and want to relax. We have rest and sleep for an hour or so. We feel refreshed. We sit in our garden and have a cup of tea. We play badminton in the evening or play any of the in-door games. By the time, it is evening and Mr. Usman takes leave of me
Mr. Usman is always sympathetic and sincere to me. He helps me in my studies. My parents appreciate him and welcome his visit to our house.

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