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Short Paragraph for Kids

Short paragraph for kids

Sample paragraph writing topics
The recess is a period of great rejoicing. It lasts for only half an hour. I wait for it with great impatience. I run out of my classroom, as soon as the bell announces its beginning. Almost every student does the same. So there is great rush in the corridors. But I make my way through the crowd to the tuck-shop. I meet several friends over there. We refresh ourselves with tea, some cold drinks or fruit. Sometimes we spend the period in copying homework from the exercise books of our friends. But when a teacher punishes us by stopping our recess, we feel very sad.

It was the month of June. Our school was closed for summer vacation. My friend had already invited me to Rawalpindi. My father allowed me to go there. I packed my luggage at night. Early in the morning, I hired a Tonga and reached the railway station. I bought my ticket and went to the platform. I had to travel by the Tez Rao. At 7 a.m. the train arrived. There was no rush in the train. I sat there comfortably. At about 7.30 a.m. the train started. At Gujranwala, a ticket examiner came and checked the tickets. None was found without a ticket. The train was going at full speed. It was charming to see outside through the window. At 2.00 p.m. we reached Rawalpindi. My friend was waiting for me at the railway station. My friend hired a taxi and then we reached home.

It is a flag. It is the flag of our country Pakistan. It is our national flag. It has two colours. One part shows white co lour and the other part is in green co lour. The white part is shoret than the green part. White part represents portion of the non-Muslims living in Pakistan. The green part represents the Muslims. Majority of the population of Pakistan is Muslim, so green part is greater than the white part. It has a crescent and a star also.
My house is situated in the heart of the city. It has two storeys. There is a hall, a dining room and a kitchen on the ground floor. All the rooms are white-washed. They are clean and airy. They are decorated with pictures and charts. There are beautiful flowers in the courtyard. My house is very beautiful. Our neighbours are good people. We often help one another. I live in this house with my father, mother and sister. I like it very much.

I have a beautiful pencil. It is cylindrical in shape, long and slender. It is blue in co lour. It is made of wood. One end of the pencil is sharpened while the other end has a piece of rubber attached to it. My pencil feels very smooth and light. There is a picture of a lion and the words ''Made in Pakistan'' printed on the pencil.   

The table 
It is a table. It has four legs. It is made of wood. Its co lour is brown. Now tables are available in many colours and material such as steel, iron, stone and glass. Glass tables are very attractive and costly. Study table is used for reading and writing. Computer table has special structure. Office table is large and long in size. The table is a very useful furniture. It has made life easy and comfortable.

My school 
I study in Is lamia High School. It is situated outside Bhatti Gate, in Lahore. There are more than thirty rooms in the school. These rooms are big, airy and well-lighted. They are white-washed. All the rooms have desks, chair, tables, black-boards and other things. They are decorated with picture and charts. There is a big library in our school. It has nearly 7000 books. Fifty teachers work in my school. Most of them are trained and experienced. Our headmaster is a very noble man. My school shows good results.

My classroom 
It is my classroom. My classroom is neat and clean. There is grey paint on the walls. There is a clock hanging on the wall. It shows accurate time. It helps in maintaining the time table. It has been decorated with charts and pictures of national heroes. There are study chairs and tables in the class. Our class-room is airy and spacious.

My father
My father is a doctor. His name is Hussain. He is an M.B.B.S. He is 45 years old. He works in the Mayo Hospital, Lahore. He takes much care for his patients. He is very social and friendly. He obeys and respects his parents. He takes a keen interest in our education. He always tries to increase his knowledge. He has a good health. He is a very noble man. I am proud of my father. May he live long!

My best friends
I have many friends in school but Huma and Nida are My best friends. Huma is very cute. Nida is lively. Her smile is very cute. We live in the same mohallah. We go to school together. Sometimes, we go to the library to read books. We play on Sundays. I like basketball but my friends like video games. 

The postman
It is a postman. He takes letters from the post office and delivers them door to door. He wears khaki uniform. He is a government sevant. He works with devotion. He does his duty honestly. His pay is less but his duty is tough.

The school peon
Aamir is our school peon. He is 50 years old. He is very strong and healthy. He is a tall man. He wears a uniform along with a turban. He is very honest, dutiful and hardworking person. He comes to school an hour before it opens. He looks after the work of the water carrier and the sweeper. He opens the doors and windows of the classrooms. He cleans desks and chairs before the boys enter their classrooms. He rings the bell according to the timetable. He sits on a stool beside the headmaster's office. He respects and serves the teachers. He is very kind to the students. He is dutiful person. His duty is very tough.

The farmer
The farmer is an important member of our society. He is the backbone of our economy. He grows food and corn for us. He grows cotton for our clothing. He pays land revenue to increase the national income. He sows the seeds and takes care of them. He removes weeds from the crops. He reaps the crops with delight. Summer or winter, morning or evening, he is always busy in his work. He leads a very tough life. He is fond of folk songs and the hoqqa. He should be educated.

The juggler
The juggler is a well-known figure. He begins his show by playing upon his flute with one hand and his little drum with the other. Children and young people gather around him in large numbers. He entertains them with his jokes and tricks. He makes rupees with pinches of dust. He makes a ring disappear under a handkerchief. Then he recovers it from the pocket of one of the spectators. He succeeds in collecting one hundred or more rupees as charity from his spectators before he ends his show.

The street beggar
A street beggar is a clever man. He wears dirty clothes and walks bare-footed. He is seen in rags. He goes begging from house to house. He knows how to win the sympathy of the people. He pretends to be ill or hungry or robbed of his cash. He tells strange lies to collect money. He kidnaps small children to make them beg for him. He is not even afraid of committing thefts. He is, in short, a cheater and deserves no help or pity.

Street hawkers
Street hawkers are viewed in every village, town and colony. They get up early in the morning, go to the main market and purchase their goods. Then they go to every street and lane to sell their products. They usually sell fruits, vegetables, toys, balloons, ice-cream and similar minor products. They arrange their goods on push carts. Every hawker announces his goods and rates in a peculiar voice. We can get things on cheaper rates as compared to the market. Ice-cream and balloon sellers are very popular among children. They wait for them. The only advantage of the street hawkers is that we can buy things at our door step.

The village fair
Village fair is usually held in the spring season. In the fair, shopkeepers set shops and sell their products. Jugglers and magicians participate in the fair and show different tricks. Children go in the fair and buy toys, video games etc. They eat many chute patty (tasty things and make merry. Village fair is a social function which represents our culture.

Animals of the zoo
Once I visited the zoo and saw different kinds of birds and animals including giraffe, zebra, tortoise, kangaroo and peacock. Giraffe is a very beautiful animal. It has long neck. Zebra is also very beautiful. It has decorative lines on its body. Tortoise carries its home on its back. Kangaroo carries its child in its lap. Peacock has a long and beautiful tail. It spread it like a hand-fan when it dances. These animals and birds make the zoo a paradise.

The great poet
Allama Muhammad Iqbal was born in sialkot. He got his primary education in the nearby school and masters degree from government college university, lahore. Allama Iqbal is our national poet. He is also a favouite poet of the children. He gave the idea of a separate homeland to the muslims of the sub-continent. We love our gret poet and thinker.

The television
 The television is a wonderful invention of this century. Many scientists worked for many years to increase the range of sight. Mr. Baird of England was the first to transmit pictures by electric waves in January 1926. But the television of today is the result of many modifications carried on during the next twenty years. Now it is found almost every modern house. It presents news, views, dramas, songs, dances and what not, along with the picture of those who take part in its programmers. Its price, however, is not within the reach of every pocket. It is manufactured in many advanced countries  the world. It is also being assembled in Pakistan.                                 

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