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Social Evils

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Social Evils

  Social evils are like. cankers and worms consuming the entire structure of society bit by bit. They are depriving human beings spiritual. moral and religious values.
Thus by indulging in social evils, the so-called civilized man has not only lost his spiritual inheritance of contentment but also is paving the way to hell with good intention. We are so much engrossed in this worldliness and accumulation of worldly wealth at all time of our life that we have completely wasted away our spiritual energies. What an abominable mercenary bargain! What a detestable sordid boon! The People who believe in social justice, raise a voice against such social evils but their protest proves a cry in the wilderness.
Adult ration is one of the most important social evils, It is taking a heavy toll of human life. Today it has become very common. The lure of profit has drawn dishonest souls to this field. The large-scale damage done through adult ration is not only immediate but far-reaching. Paralysis has become very common because of adult ration. Wide-spread blindness and cataract before old age in the people of Pakistan owes much to this bad practice. Outbreak of certain diseases and epidemics, are also the after-effects of adult ration. In short, adult rators are like white ants eating away national health without much apparent damage.
Smuggling is another country-wide evil. It is an illegal import and export of goods without paying custom duties. Usually, there are restrictions on the transfer of such goods but the smugglers take the risk and cotinue their business. They carry cheap things to a country where they are sold at high prices. Smugglers are the greatest and most dangerous enemies of a country. They cause a great loss to the national resources, national wealth and the national economy. The wealth of one country flows to the other. Nowadays the smuggling of modern weapons, the narcotic drugs, and contra banded goods like Hashish, Heroin and Villian have caused much damage to the people of our country. This bad practice of smuggling also creates many evils. The smugglers offer handsome bribes to the custom officers and to police authorities. In spite of the punitive measures taken by the Govt. of Pakistan, this nefarious business is still going on. Thus the smuggler is the worst and accursed sort of man who does not spare even his own country.
Bribery is another social evil which causes more damage to the country than is usually realized. Bribery is used to get some favor which cannot honestly be granted. If bribery becomes wide-spread in a country, the affairs of the state go into the hands of corrupt and undesirable person. Naturally the pace and tempo of progress is restrained and national money goes waste. Not laws but only a sense of moral and national responsibility can free a society of this evil.
Black-marketing and jobbery is the greatest curse for society. It is an atrocious crime against the needy people. The black-marketers undermine the entire system of food-control. They cause the shortage of essential commodities and then sell them out at exorbitant rates. Thus they try to flourish and thrive at the cost of others, hunger and starvation.
In order to rid the society of these evils we must observe social, moral and religious values which teach us to respect the rights of other. Punishment and punitive measures alone cannot prevent such social crimes. We must develop an awareness of what is right and what is wrong. The development of this awareness ought to be the aim of our education. We can banish all these social evils if we sincerely follow the doctrines and teachings of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

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