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The Pleasures of College Life

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The pleasures of college life

  If we ask a student about the best period of his life, he will certainly say that it is a college life. College life has its own attractions, it has its own charms and pleasures. A students life in a college is very enviable because it is free from cares and anxieties which fall to the people generally. In fact, college life is full of ''fun and jollity, mirth and laughter.
There is a great difference between the college and school life. A school-boy is at the mercy of others, gets up at regular hours, goes to school regularly, prepares his lessons every day, is rebuked and punished by the teachers for his mistakes and faults, but a college student is the manes of his own will and volition. He may attend the class or not, nobody is there to scold and rebuff him. He may commit faults, nobody is there to take any action against him, Here there is quite a different atmosphere from that of the school. The professors treat the student like their friends and talk to them in the most friendly manner, but the teachers in the school regard the students as mere inexperienced boys treat them with an iron hand and always address them in strict tone.
The student enjoys a perfect spirit of freedom in a college. There is no check on his freedom of movement. He can go to any place of entertainment or recreation, he is not accountable to, anybody. He does not act in obedience to the commands of others. He is the master of his own time and regulates it according to his own sweet will. He may be guile and squander his precious time in idle gossips, in useless chats, in futile trifles, no body is to restrain him. He may absent himself from college without fear of reproach or punishment. He may lead his life like a prodigal son, he has no rod to fear and no physical punishment to undergo. In the school he had to observe discipline, he had to remain under the vigil eyes of his parents, but here in the college, he is as free as the birds of the air. This feeling of freedom that a young man feels when he enters the college keeps him festive and gives him a sense of joy and pride.
Not only do we enjoy physical freedom but we also have intellectual freedom. A new vista of life, a new realm of thoughts and a new avenue of ideals opens before us and we live in a wider circle of intellectual atmosphere. The period of spoon-feeding comes to an end we determine our own destinations. We do not accept the words of others as Gospel truths. We are free to criticize the opinions of others and hold our own views. Textbooks are not our only concern but we read other books which expand the bounds of our knowledge, enlarge our mental horizon, widen our sympathies and broaden our outlook. It is perfectly true to say ''there is no knowledge without college.''
Besides these, college life affords us many chances for developing our social relationship. Friendships formed in our college days sometimes last throughout our lives. Knowledge about the pleasant and unpleasant aspects of life creates a soft corner in our heart. We feel spiritual pleasure in nursing the sick and the wounded. We take delight I rescuing a helpless person from the clutches of tyrants, in feeding a famished person and in serving the poor and the needy. We are not weighed down under the heavy load of misfortunes but feel a vigour, a vitality and a pulsating life in our limbs.

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