Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Rose

Paragraph Writing  For Kids
The rose

The rose is called the king of flowers. It has its own beauty, softness and delicacy. It adds beauty to nature. There are many flowers in the world but no flower can match the rose in co lour, attraction and fragrance. In fact, it is the most beautiful creation of nature.
The bride and the bridegroom are garlanded with roses on the happy occasion of their wedding. Rose petals are showered on the procession of a leader or when a marriage procession is welcomed at the house of the bride.
The red rose is a token of love. It is presented by a lover to his beloved.
The rose has many varieties and colours e.g. red, pink, yellow and white. Black rose is very rare. The rose has sweet fragrance. It does not die out even if the rose fades away.
The rose usually blooms in spring, especially from March to April. It is in full swing during these months.
Wreaths of rose are spread over the graves of our dear ones. The rose petals with dew drops on them look very fresh and charming.
Red cheeks of the beloved are resembled to the rose i.e. rosy cheeks, rosy lips etc. It is very favourite flower of poets. Shakespeare says, ''Give rose any name it will smell like the rose.''

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