Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Water Famine

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The water famine

  The areas of South Western Pakistan i.e., Baluchistan, Tharparker, Cholistan and Dera Ghazi Khan districts of the Punjab are in the grip of a devastating drought for the last many years. There is an acute water famine in affected areas during this summer. Thousands of families have been forced to migrate to safer areas or to camps set up by the relief agencies. Domestics and wild animals have died on mass scale due to non-availability of water and fodder. Orchards and agricultural fields have been scorched. Even the hardy jungle tree, grass and other vegetation stand desiccated.
The canal-irrigated areas in Punjab and Sindh have also suffered from water deficiency. The two main water storage dams of Pakistan, Mangla and Tarbela are nearly empty. Underground water level has declined by scored of feet. The situation in Baluchistan is worse where subsoil water level declined by 20 to 30 meters, causing the Karez and tube wells to dry up.
Water is vital to our existence. Pakistan's economy is largely based on agriculture. The water famine is a great threat to our existence. Water deficiency is likely to increase during the forthcoming decades. Government should give a deep thought to this problem and devise ways and means to solve this problem on permanent basis. This cannot be achieved without evolving a long-term policy for water development, utilization and conservation. Construction of Kalabagh Dam has become more necessary than ever. We have already wasted much time due to political selfishness of few provinces. Now we have to decide once for all. if Pakistan is to avert on Ethiopia like famine, it must build a series of storage and diversion dams in the country. Construction of small dams across perennial or seasonal rivulets offers an unlimited scope of water supply.

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