Thursday, 1 May 2014

A dialogue between customer and barber

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between customer and barber
Customer: I want to have my hair trimmed.
Barber: Please sit for some time.
C: Actually, I have to go somewhere so, I can't wait.
B: You can come back after doing the job.
C: No, no that's not possible. That's a bit off.
B: You see all the dressers are busy.
C: When will you become free?
B: It won't take more than ten, fifteen minutes. I have to do one more shave and that's all.
C: In that case, I will wait.
B: Thanks, you can read the newspaper to kill the time.
C: O.K., O.K., I will manage somehow.
B: (To another customer) come on, it is your turn.
C: Yes, I am.................
B: (After some half an hour) I am sorry, I took more time.
C: I knew, it happens.
B: Please, raise yourself a bit.
C: O.K., but please make me free soon.
B: No matter what happens!
C: (Laughing I mean, quick but right.
B: How much trimming do you want?
C: Better you decide neither that long, nor that short.
B: It's our duty to ask because everyone has his own choice.
C: Yes, I do understand.
B: (After fifteen minutes) you can check in the mirror.
C: Everything is O.K., just let me leave and how much?
B: Forty rupees.
C: I thought it would be something like thirty.
B: Whatever you like.
C: No, I was just saying.

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