Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A dialogue between a motorist and a constable

Dialogue Writing
A dialogue between a motorist and a constable
Constable: Stop
Motorist: Why?
C: You parked your car at a wrong place.
M: It is a minor mistake. Please accuse me, sir.
C: No tell me your name?
M: What did you say?
C: May I know you name, please sir.
M: Frahan.
C: What is your address?
M: Aabpara Market, Islamabad.
C: What is your age?
M: 48
C: Do you have a driving license?
M: Yes sir.
C: What is the brand name of your car?
M: Mercedes Benz.
C: In have  year was it manufactured?
M: in 3000
C: Since when have you been driving?
M: I have been driving for twenty years.
C: Have police stopped you before this?
M: No.
C: Give me your documents copy and take this challan receipt.
M: When will I have to go to court for clearance.
C: Please come in court on 14th September 2014.
M: Good bye.
C: Good bye.

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