Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A dialogue between two brothers regarding prayer

Dialogue Writing

 A dialogue between two brothers regarding prayer

Waeem: Asslam-Alaikum
Azeem: Wa-Alaikum-Asslam
A: What are you doing at this time?
B: I am going to bazaar to buy vegetable.
A: Why?
B: Mother has asked me to buy at once.
A: But, it is the time to say prayer. I shall not allow you. Because you will try to miss prayer time.
B: I will come back soon.
A: Bazar is far way from here. It will take an hour to come back. First offer, your prayer.
B: I am going.
A: Hold, No work is more important than prayer.
B: No further talk please.
A: I shall force you to pray. The first question on the Day of judgment would be about the prayer. All the things are created by God almighty and are His blessing and gifts. Allah is very kind and merciful. For this we should pray to God.
B: Good, I will go with you for prayer in the mosque because I also fear Allah like all other Muslims.

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