Thursday, 1 May 2014

A dialogue between two friends about frustration

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two friends about frustration

Aatif: I have heard this word so many times. What is its meaning?
Basit: It's very difficult to define it, but you can say extremely boring state.
A: Isn't every second person passing through it?
B: Rather, almost all of us are victims of it.
A: Any definite reason of it?
B: It's difficult to pinpoint one reason of it.
A: It means, it has so many causes.
B: Yes, exactly so.
A: But why did you raise this question?
B: Because I am also very frustrated.
A: What's  the cause of your frustration?
B: I have been jobless for the last two years.
A: Then, how do you manage?
B: I can't give you the detail.
A: O.K. don't. I had just asked that I might be helpful for you somehow.
B: Sorry, I took it other way.
A: Now, if you have got my point tell me what's your problem.
B: Actually, I have borrowed money from so many people.
B: Some are pressurizing, some not, but I have to.
A: You know, these things are very part of life.
B: It's true but you know, I am not a man of strong nerves.
A: Almost everyone is passing through one or the other form of injustice.
B: Any tragedy of yours?
A: Perhaps, because of carelessness of doctors, my daughter passed away some time ago.
B: Oh! my God!
A: Anyway, I will give you the money. Don't worry.
A: You are really a generous person.
B: No, only God is generous.

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