Monday, 5 May 2014

A dialogue between two friends about backbiting

  Dialogue Writing

  A dialogue between two friends about backbiting
Zubair: Is backbiting not a bad habit?
yaseen Jalal: Sure, it is a vice.
 Z: Who is more prone to backbiting boys or girls.
Y: Everyone does, including women , men, old people.
 Z: It is generally said that women have more tendency of this.
Y: It is not something general, but men say so.
 Z: You mean, males are to blame.
Y: In their book, we stand nowhere.
 Z: Perhaps, there is something wrong with their minds.
Y: Not something, everything.............
 Z: Do you think it is a male dominated society.
Y: Yes, it is something beyond discussion.
 Z: I think, males have some psychic problems.
Y: Rather they are psychic cases.
 Z: How are they superior to us?
Y: Who says, it is so my foot.............
 Z: They just know carping.
Y: They do nothing but expect everything.
 Z: What about your fiancĂ©?
Y: He is also a born carper.
 Z: Then, how will you...............?
Y: I will set him right within no time.
 Z: What we are saying, isn't it also backbiting?
Y: (Chuckling) No, it is just discussion.
 Z: But Islam forbids such discussion.
Y: Yes, it is very true.

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