Friday, 2 May 2014

A dialogue between two friends about their hobbies

  Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two friends about their hobbies
Haidar: What do you do in your leisure time?
Sami: It depends.
H: For example?
S: I enjoy music, do chatting, read books.
H:Anything else?
S: As I have told you this is my routine.
S: Say something about yourself.
H: I have only one hobby.
S: That's
H: That's reading good books on poetry and prose.
S: What a bore you are!
H:In my book, this is the best enjoyment.
S: Don't you become fed up with books?
H: Never ever.
S: What about Hotelling?
H: I am not crazy, but, sometimes, I do.
S: Isn't it a bit expensive enjoyment?
H: Yes, it is but you can manage somehow.
H: What are you crazy about?
S: It depends on mood.
H: If your mood is good then you do what?
S: I enjoy pop music.
H: Can pop music be called music in the true sense?
S: Yes, why not.
H: Doesn't it seem a bit childish?
S: No way, enjoyment means enjoyment.
S:It is at least better than reading books.
H: There is no comparison between pop music and books.
S: It's your view. It's not a Quranic verse.
H: I am sorry, perhaps, I have hurt you.
S: No. no it is not so.
H: This way or that way leisure is a must.
S: No doubt it is.

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