Saturday, 3 May 2014

A dialogue between two friends about importance of cable

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A dialogue between two friends about importance of cable

Jamal: Have you got cable at your residence?
Gohar: Hadn't but have now.
J: Why are some people so against it?
G: Everyone has his own temperament.
J: In your opinion, is it something good or bad?
G: It itself is not something good or bad it is its use that is good or bad.
J: Don't you think most of the channels are sex-oriented.
G: No doubt, there is touch of vulgarity in most of the channels.
J: Then should I go for it or not?
G:It depends on you. Some channels are very informative too.
J: But what to do in the presence of kids?
G: One can make sort of policy.
J: What's meant by policy? I am not getting you.
G:I mean you can lock vulgar channels.
J:Is it practically possible?
G: Yes, it is, it is very simple.
J: What sort of programmes do you prefer?
G: Personally, I love religious channels.
J: Are there scientific and sports channels too?
G: Obviously it is understood.
J: It means, I will have to think about.
G: Don't think have it done.
J: Actually my parents are also not in favour of it.
G: My parents were too but now they are not that much.
J: What channels they are interested in?
G: They are just interested in religious channels.
J: Don't worry. I am going to have it done.
G: I think, you should take connection at the earliest.
J: Sometimes, I feel, I am lagging behind.
G: Yes, you are.

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