Sunday, 4 May 2014

A dialogue between two friends about importance of fantasies

A dialogue between two friends about importance of fantasies

Nadeem: Do you believe in fantasies?
Umar: Yes, I do.
N: Do you think, fantasies have got some thing to do with real life?
U: Fantasies or dream itself.
N: Let's call it dream.
U: Whatever I see in dream, almost the same thing happens in real life too.
N: It's said of religious scholars.
U: Though I am not a religious scholar, yet I firmly believe in this thing.
N: Suppose you see a dead body in a dream, what does it show?
U: It's a sign of good luck.
N: How come?
U: I can't explain it, but I have heard the same.
N: It means, whatever you hear, you do believe in that.
U: No, it is not that way.
N: Then, what's it like?
U: The thing is, whenever something good or bad is going to happen, I have a feeling of that in dream.
N: In my book, dreams are just your whims and caprices.
U: No way. It is not that a simple affair.
N: It's not that complicated either.
U: Let's take it from religious point of view.
N: I don't want to drag in religion.
U: O.K. I don't force you to believe in dreams, but I do.
N: Right, everyone has his own way.
U: Let's talk about some other issue.
N: I would rather like to go.
U: See you later.

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