Monday, 5 May 2014

A dialogue between two friends about stars

A dialogue between two friends about stars  

Ahmed: What's the role of stars in one's life?
Bilal: You mean, Cancer, Pisces etc.
A: Yes, I mean the same.
B: Nothing can be said. Some people say they have..........., some say they haven't.........
A: Set aside people what's your own opinion?
B: When I am not clear about, how can I express my opinion?
A: I have asked you for comment. not for something absolute.
B: Better you tell me. What is your experience?
A: Just like you, I have no particular experience.
B: Whatever it is. Tell about.
A: Just like so many other things read stars too.
B: That means, you have no special interest.
A: Yes it is so but sometimes, I read with interest too.
B: Do you firmly, believe in stars?
A: Not firmly to an extent.
B: What's your star?
A: It's Scorpio. What about yours?
B: Mine is Pisces.
A: That's why you live in the world of dreams.
B: Aren't Pisces peaceful?
A: Yes they are but they live in an imaginary world.
B: And what about Scorpions?
A: There is no defect in Scorpions?
B: How is it possible? Be open.
A: Some people say they believe in disagreement.
B: It's a fact. Same is the case with you.
A: Perhaps from Islamic point of view this is.........,
B: God knows better.

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