Sunday, 4 May 2014

A dialogue between two friends about academies


A dialogue between two friends about academies

A: Are you going to any academy?
B: Not currently, but am thinking of going to.
A: It means, you have not made up your mind.
B: Yes, not so far.
A: Sometimes, I think, it is no use going to an academy.
B: No, it is of use, but the condition is academy be of standard.
A: In my view, there is slight difference in all academies.
B: No, it is not so. There are some where teachers are very sincere.
A: Can you quote anyone?
B: I don't want to quote, but there are.
A: Have you any personal experience?
B: I have been going to this or that academy for seven years.
A: You have a lot of experience.
B: Yes, I have.
A: Don't all academies stress cramming?
B: Not all, but most of them.
A: I think, all of them are after money.
B: No doubt, their chief concern is money, but some of them teach too.
A: Are you not favouring them unjustifiably?
B: Are you not disfavoring them without any definite reason?
A: Any relatives of yours running any academy?
B: Some distant ones.
A: Are they fair with their work?
B: God knows, they may or may not be.
A: What sort do you prefer? The near ones or the good ones?
B: It depends on circumstances. My family prefers the near ones, while I want to join the good ones.

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