Friday, 2 May 2014

A dialogue between two friends on the way

  Dialogue Writing
A dialogue between two friends on the way

Sarfraz: If I am not wrong, you are Tariq.
Tariq: And, certainly you are Sarfraz.
S: Come on, dear, let's embrace.
T: Oh, dear, don't press that much.
S: Dear, it is a big surprise.
T: I am really very happy too.
S:: What to do? let's go to some nearby hotel.
T: Actually I had to reach somewhere.
S: If it is so you just give me your contact number.
T: Contact number...............No, I think, we sit together for some time.
S: In that case, you will become late.
T: Doesn't matter. I will manage somehow.
S: If it is possible it is my pleasure.
T: In which direction?
S: There's a hotel in the corner that makes very good tea.
T: Is it a bit far?
S: No, it is just at a walking distance.
T: Don't stroll. Move a bit fast.
S: You know, I am a bit lazy by my nature.
T: Anyway how are you keeping?
S: Everything is fine except one.
T: Is there something serious?
S: In a way, I have become jobless.
T: I was too jobless till some time ago.
S: I am still not disturbed. I have complete faith in God.
T: One must have.
S: Here comes the hotel.
T: We will just take tea.

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