Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A House On Fire Essay


A House On Fire
It was 5 o'clock in the evening. I was taking tea. Suddenly I heard fire engines with loud alarm bells rushing near my house. I quickly ran out and a few streets away, joined a large crowd of people. We could see the fire only from a distance because the police would not allow anyone near the building on fire.
What a terrible scene I saw that day! Huge flames of fire were coming out of each floor. Many people were running to see the house on fire. I saw the clouds of smoke rising there. I also ran to the place with a bucket in my hand. The owner of the house was weeping. Some young men were trying to put out the fire. Some women and the children were crying. Some men throwing water on the flames. In the meantime the fire brigade arrived there. They threw water on the flames and the flames began to die don. Now the fire was under control. After two hours of struggle the fire was put out. There was no loss of life.
Most of the house hold goods were burnt to ashes. Some of the property was saved but it was burnt to ashes. Some of the property was saved but it was out of use. I had never seen a house on fire before. It was my life's dead experience.

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