Sunday, 11 May 2014

A Morning Walk Essay

A Morning Walk 
I get up early in the morning. I go to the mosque to say prayers. After that I go to the house of my friend Frahan. We both go out of the village for a walk. We see the green fields on the way. After walking for some time, we reach the garden. We walk on the grass. There we take exercise for some time. Then we walk to the canal. We put off our clothes and jump into the canal. We take a bath and swim in the water for some time. Then we put on our clothes and walk on the bank of the canal. We meet many people there.
They also come there for a walk. We take some exercise on the bank of the canal. Then we return home. We get ready for our school at 8 o'clock. The morning walk keeps me active and energetic the whole day. It is very useful for health.

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