Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A Rainy Day Essay


A Rainy Day
 It was the month of July. The rainy season had not been set in. The heat of the sun was intolerable. All the people were praying for rain. The field were dry and the plants were dying for want of water. No farming could be done. One afternoon a thunder storm arose. Dark clouds appeared in the sky. Everybody expected rain. It began to thunder. After some time it began to rain. People took shelter in shops and houses. Water began to flow. After two hours there was water everywhere. People welcomed the rain. Everybody was happy. The streets looked like stream of water. After it had stopped raining, people went out. Many boys were gloating paper boats in the water. The air was cool and the weather was pleasant. A rainbow appeared in the sky. The trees and the leaves were shining. There was a new life everywhere. Crowds of the people came out and enjoyed themselves.

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