Thursday, 1 May 2014

My Best Teacher Essay

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My best teacher

I have many teachers but ................... is my best teacher. He is B.A;  B. Ed. He is our teacher in charge. He teaches us English, Mathematics and Urdu. He teaches us very well. His method of teaching is very nice, interesting and attractive. He is very able, intelligent and hardworking. He has full command over his subjects. He always tries to increase his knowledge.
He is perfect gentleman. He is very regular and punctual. He is never late for school. He calls the rolls and starts his lesson. He comes fully prepared. He checks and discusses our mistakes in our presence.
  He is about 40 years old. His health is very sound. He is very active and smart. He has always a smile on his face. His habits are very simple and nice. He wears simple but neat and clean dress. He says his prayers regularly. He has great love for Islam and Pakistan.
He shows very high results. His students often win scholarship. All the teachers and students respect and love him. He is an ideal teacher. I am proud of him. May he live long.

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