Saturday, 10 May 2014

My Classroom Essay

 Essay Topics for Kids
My Classroom 
My classroom is just beside the staff room. It is a large room. It is a beautiful room. I like it very much. It is very neat, clean and airy. It is well-lighted and well furnished. It is decorated with beautiful charts, pictures and mottos. It has two electric fans. It has two doors, two windows and four ventilators. The floor is made of chips. The ceiling is cemented. The walls are whitewashed and painted.
There are twenty tables and sixty chairs in it. Sixty students can sit at them. There is a large blackboard in the middle of the front wall. The timetable and the syllabus remain hanging on either side of it. There are two cupboards in the classroom. Our teacher-in-charge keeps his books and register in one cupboard. The monitor uses the other.
The peon opens the room early in the room early in the morning and dusts the chairs and tables. The sweeper sweeps it every day. The students of the class clean and decorate the room once a month. Out side the class, there is a small board affixed on the wall, which shows the class, the section and the daily attendance of the boys. We also keep our classroom neat and clean. e won the first prize for decoration last year. All the students love it. We are proud of it.

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