Friday, 9 May 2014

My First Day At School Essay

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My First Day At School

My first day at school will always remain a pleasant memory with me. I reached school dressed in my new uniform. I was feeling very proud and grown to go. Everything seemed strange. I did not even know where to go. I held tightly to my mother's finger. Soon my teacher came to me. She looked at me with a sweet smile and talked to my mother like an old friend. She made us feel at ease. There were many children of my age in that room. They were all dressed like me. They were playing and shouting. When the teacher entered the classroom they became silent and looked at me. The teacher said, ''Hello children here is a new friend who has come to join you.''
The teacher walked to her desk. She lifted the lid, took out a packet and gave me a toffee. I accepted with hesitation. I was looking at my mother who stood outside the room. When she saw how kindly I was being treated, she said, ''Khuda Hafiz'' and left. I felt myself alone and began to cry. The teacher talked to me very kindly, wiped away my tears and called a couple of boys to play with me. I soon forgot my loneliness and had friendship with them. The school now seemed to me totally different from what I had expected. Instead of having to study all day long, I chatted and played with my friends. Little did I know that after the first days, thing would change and we would have to study all day long.

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