Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My House Essay

Essay Topics for Kids
My House 

I have a big house. It is a grand and beautiful house. I like it very much. My father built if five years ago. My house is in the heart of city. It is a very good locality. It is situated is
Samanabad. It covers the area of 20 marlas. It has two storeys. It has six rooms, two bathrooms and a modern kitchen. All the rooms are well-lighted and airy. The rooms are white washed and painted. It has a big hall. All the rooms are well kept and well furnished. It is fitted with electricity. There is a ceiling fan in every room. All the rooms have beautiful almirahs.
Our drawing room is very beautiful. It is centrally air conditioned and well furnished. It is decorated with pictures and looking glasses. A big clock is hanging on the wall. There is my study room also.
My house has a small and beautiful garden. It has a courtyard on the ground floor. My house is a blessing of God. East or West home is the best. I keep my house neat and clean. God bless my house.

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