Saturday, 10 May 2014

My School Library Essay

My School Library 

Library is an important part of a school. It helps in increasing the knowledge of teachers and students. Our school has a big library. A trained librarian is its in charge. There are nearly ten thousand books in our library. The different sections of books are religion, science, general knowledge, history, fiction and textbooks. It has also reference books and encyclopedia.
The books are arranged subject-wise. They are issued to us on fixed days. A student can keep a book with him for two weeks only. If he does not return it time, he has to pay a fine of one rupee per day. The students come to the library according to the timetable of their class. We read books, magazines and newspapers there. We learn a lot from them.
There is also a class library. It is in the charge of the class teacher. We study different books under his kind guidance. He issues the books to us. He has fixed Thursday for this purpose. I like my school library very much because I often borrow useful books from it.

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