Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Best Journey Of My Life Essay

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 The Best Journey Of My Life
 Father and I had to attend a marriage at Rawalpindi. We decided to go by air. He bought two tickets on Friday, and we drove to the airport in a taxi. As we proceeded towards the aircraft, my heart began to beat like a drum. I entered the plane and sat beside my father. I fastened the seat belt, before the plane began to move towards the runway. Soon it gained sped and rose gently into the air. Before long it was flying at a height of thirty thousand feet. The houses looked like huts for the dolls and the trees like tiny plants. Soon the air hostess brought me tea in a tray. I had hardly finished it, when a voice on the loudspeaker asked us all to fasten the seat belts. At last, the plane stopped in front of the Rawalpindi airport building. We came out to hire a taxi for the Holiday Inn. This was the best journey of my life and was sorry when it came to an end so soon.

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