Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Television Essay

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The Television 
What a wonderful work the scientists have done by inventing a television! They have provided us with this source of recreation. It is a boom for the people. In the twenty first century, science is progressing by leaps and bounds. It has invented many inventions. The television is one of the wonders of this age. It has made our life easier and more pleasant. We are very fortunate that we are born in the modern scientific age. The television is a symbol of the wonderful progress made by man in conquering great popularity amongst the people. It is manufactured by a large number of firms. It has become very common now a days. We can say it has become a part of modern life. Who is not familiar with it? Now a man even living in a village knows much about it. We enjoy many facilities as the ancient people could not even dream of it. We are indebted to that benefactor of humanity who invented it. Big scientists are always busy in inventing such things that lessen the troubles of human beings and give them comfort.

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