Thursday, 12 June 2014

A Picnic Essay

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A Picnic

Last Sunday, we chalked out a picnic programme. We visited Changa Manga. We reached our destination at about 12 p.m. The vast forest of Changa Manga was spread before us. We reached the park by railway tram. There were many green plots before us. The whole park was full of many visiting parties. We crossed the shady and flexible bridge of lake. Some motorboats were floating in the lake. We found a suitable shady place in the park. We settled there. We were awfully hungry and tried. W had lunch and ate to the fill. We took rest for a while. After the meal we had gossips.
Now it was 4 p.m. All of us spread here and there in the park and roamed about well. We could see greenery and thick forest everywhere. There is a beautiful lake in the park in which motorboats float along with a floating wooden place known as pagoda. The bridges made over the lake are shady and flexible. There is a vast zoo in the forest also in which many animals have been kept. Many huts have been made for the visitors. There are many tuck shops and a hotel present in the park.
The prominent quality of this park is its circular railway tram. We had a complete visit of the whole forest by means of it. There were also many other interesting items to enjoy. Now it was evening. We returned home. We shall never forget this memorable picnic.

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