Sunday, 29 June 2014

Boy Scouts Essay

Boy Scouts
Boy scouts is an organization founded by Lord Baden Powell, a British in 1910. The movement spread all over the world very soon because of is simple and noble objectives and aims. It is a kind of social service which is a prominent principle of Islam.
A boy wishing to become a scout is required to take an oath. He holds fast to his noble promise under all circumstances or conditions. He performs his duty o Allah Almighty to his country to the helpless and needy people. Besides he should have a keen sense of loyalty to human and moral values.
The main object of this movement is to build the character of the young. It makes them active helpful resourceful and trustworthy. Its motto is ''prompt'' which means always ready for service.
A boy scouts is expected to be a well balanced physical and mental health. He is everyday eager to help the injured the needy and helpless. He respects the feelings of others. He is merciful and sympathetic. He is cooperative and broadminded.
Moreover a boy scout has the qualities of leadership. He is firm and noble in command. He is humble and willing in obedience. He learns useful skills and crafts. He knows basic facts and information about trees, hills, rivers and stars. He is expert is using a knife a hammer and an axe in tying various knots in cooking food and in pitching a tent.
A scout does a lot of useful work in times of emergency like floods and war. He shows courage determination self confidence and responsibility on such occasions.

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