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Education of Information Technology In Pakistan Essay

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Education of Information Technology In Pakistan
Information Technology means to provide information of every kind through computer. It has become a very vast term. Twenty first century has dawned upon us with the maximum importance of information technology. It has become synonymous with class, success and worldly gains. There is a symbolic relationship between human race and computers.
The word IT is being used like a cure-all mantra a  charm a symbol of worldly powers an emotional feel good an indication to educational progress and much more than that.
Like all other countries Pakistan has not remained aloof to the on going IT revolution in the world. Ask any high school student what his future plans are? The chances are that an over whelming majority will say that it will prefer to learn IT. This trend is however an ample proof that IT is seen as a thing without which the dreams of prosperity could no more come true and it has a genuine reason.
Information Technology has left no corner of human life untouched. Today be it industry trade publishing, accounting, advertisements, movie making, banking and other routine office work. The increasing demand for IT can be experienced from the ''Wanted Jobs'' advertisements in the national dailies which have made even this basic discerning job seekers to realize the upgrading their computer skills is a must to get even a half decent job. Not for nothing the word IT has become an unending refrain to ensure a job placement today a situation that will become a most in the near future.
This realization has resulted in the massive demand for the IT education in Pakistan. It is clear from the mushrooming of computer institutions in every nook and corner of every big city. These IT institutions are array of certificates and degree courses.
Basically the IT institution in Pakistan can be divided into three classes the government institutions private institutions with foreign affiliations and the totally locally owned and operated institutions. The Information Technology has taken Pakistan like a storm that arises many questions about the quality of IT education imparted by these institutions and its relevance to the local job market. The basic question is Are we providing enough and efficient IT professionals to meet the demand? Secondly and more importantly. What is the quality of work force we are providing?
We need hundreds of Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science. Dr. Hilal Qurshi, the Director of National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Karachi has remarked that the shortage of Computer Science graduates in particular and IT professionals in general, have become the issue of international importance due to a big gap between production and demand. The fact has posed a particular problem for the developed countries. This is also the case with Pakistan. The lack of quality basic education and the shortage of quality IT institutions has deprived Pakistan to produce IT professionals. The majority of products coming out of the computers training centres fall much short of accepted international standard.
The majority of mushrooming IT institutes are established on dishonesty basis aimed only at making quick money without making any efforts to ensure impart relevant education and training. Such IT institutions are defrauding thousands of students of having taken foreign affiliations. This is a big fraud and it has to be stopped. These institutions make all sorts of promises which are never kept.
If we want to usher in the real IT revolution in the country highly technical knowledge should be imparted to produce the quality computer science graduates.

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