Sunday, 1 June 2014

Friendship Essay

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Friendship is the feeling of respect and affection for a person whom we admire either for his character or some talent in him. Besides these feelings we desire the welfare. Advancement and betterment of the person we love and always receive pleasure in his company.
There can be no friendship without mutual trust and confidence which lead to intimacy. A real friend is always happy to see his friend loved and admired by many other he is not jealous.
Some people make friendships with hopes of gain and benefit and when they do not gain that end they quarrel and cease to be friends.
But true friendship has no selfish motive. Each likes to share his good things and gifts with one another. They sometimes give small presents to each other as a token of their love and amity. Feelings of equality and regard are kept up by the exchange of these presents though neither of them gives with hopes of getting anything in return.
Equality and esteem are the mainstays of true and lasting friendship. Where one friend is unable to give, he likes to make or his present by doing some service in return but when one is always receiving without giving or doing his part he lowers himself in the eyes of his friend.
A friend in need is a friend indeed is always a test of friendship but we should not be always pestering our friends with constant request.
A true friendship is a blessing. We must try to seek good friends and try to retain their friendship when once we have formed it.

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