Sunday, 29 June 2014

Girl Guides Essay


Girl Guides
 Girl Guides is a very useful and noble movement. It is an international organization. It was started by Lord Baden Powell and his sister Lady Angess in 11910. The main purpose of his movement is to make the school going girls aware of their duties. It develops in them a sense of good citizenship. It help them to acquire the power of observation and sense of judgment and make them self reliant. It creates in them faithfulness as well as thoughtfulness for others. The Girl Guides hold rallies and thus spend some times in camps away from home. There they meet Guides from different parts of the country. Sometimes they come into contact with the Guides coming from foreign countries. In this way they have a chance to understand the people of various countries. This promotes the feeling of fellowship and sense of unity and discipline. The Guides do a lot of useful work in time of emergency and war and thus work for peace service to mankind. This noble and useful movement provides an opportunity for young girls to shape their moral and social character.

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