Sunday, 1 June 2014

Honesty Is The Best Policy Essay


Honesty Is The Best Policy
At first sight this may not seem to be true for we can think of examples of rascals who seem too prosper and of honest men also to suffer for their honesty. Lying cheating trickery and all forms of dishonesty certainly do sometimes pay and if they did not people would not often resort to them to get on. Such successful knaves seem to teach us that not honesty but dishonesty is the best policy. But when we take longer view we shall find that success due to dishonesty is short lived. A lie may pay for a time but truth pays forever. Take for example honesty in business. A dishonest manufacturer or shopkeeper may for a time make a lot of money by selling inferior articles at a high price will in time establish a reputation for honest dealing which will bring him more trade than any amount of puffing advertisements. Such a businessman will find that in the long run honesty is the best policy.
But this proverb is needed by sincerely honest people. A really honest man is not honest because it pays to be honest but because he believes that honesty is right and dishonesty is wrong. To such a man it does not matter whether honesty is the best policy or not. He will tell the truth even if the skies fall. And we must learn to be honest not because it is the best policy but because to be dishonest. Whatever worldly advantages it may bring us is shameful and wrong.

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